3D Home Design Guide by ROOM

Everything you need to know about the design and decoration of each room on a 3D tool


Functional but cozy, fully furnished but trendy… The kitchen is probably the room that requires the most preliminary measurement and visualization work on a plan. Learn how to maximize the use of a 3D modeling tool to design an optimal kitchen.

Kitchen with hints of pink

Mastering Island Kitchen Design: Tips, Ideas, and 3D Home Design Magic

Your ultimate guide to island kitchen design, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to customize the perfect culinary hub using a 3D home design planner.

Mastering Open Kitchen Design: Create a Culinary Space with 3D Precision

Learn the art of designing 3D open kitchens that seamlessly flow, provide greater efficiency, and ensure that every inch serves a purpose.

How to draw a Kitchen Layout?

Don’t leave anything to chance as you learn how to draw your kitchen layout. With an intuitive solution, design the smartest and stylish kitchen you could ever dream of.

How to design a kitchen remodel?

Need to freshen up your kitchen on a budget? Here are some ideas of simple changes to make in order to update the decoration of your kitchen.

How to plan your kitchen remodel?

In the process of planning your kitchen remodel, visualization is key. Try out your ideas on your existing kitchen to the nearest millimeter by creating a 3D project.

How to Design a Kitchen Floor Plan?

You know what you want from your kitchen layout, so why not design it yourself? Find out how to create a kitchen floor plan with a free online tool.

How to make a 3D kitchen design?

Life happens in the kitchen, so it should be planned out wisely to serve as a highly functional and attractive hub in your home. We dish out advice and show you how to arrange it.

Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen with a 3D Home Planner

Elevate outdoor living spaces with 3D home design planners that can show you the best layout, furniture, and decor to use with realistic renderings and easy-to-use VR tech.

Elevate Any Culinary Space with these Impeccable Kitchen Island Ideas

Find here all the best advice to create a stunning island kitchen with HomeByMe that everyone will remember.

Estimate the Cost of Your Kitchen Remodel with 3D Modeling Software

Is remodeling the kitchen on your agenda this year? If so, you don’t have to let your finances ruin the excitement. Even as the priciest home reno, 3D modeling software can help you achieve your dream design and stay on budget.

How to Design Open Layout Kitchen Living Rooms with a 3D Home Planner

Find all the best tips for designing your dream open layout kitchen with HomeByMe’s 3D planner and to know how 3D home design tools offer endless possibilities to create flawless designs.

How to Use a Kitchen Planner?

Planning a kitchen remodel or to build one from scratch? Find out how you can create a practical and stylish design using a kitchen planner tool to produce accurate and stunning results.

Timeless Elegance: Designing Your Dream White Kitchen in 3D

Find here all the best advice to create a stunning white kitchen with HomeByMe that everyone will remember.

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The bedroom is a place of intimacy, shared or not, which must have a decoration both personal and minimalist. A trendy interior where it is good to respect some rules to ensure a place that inspires serenity. That’s why a bedroom layout that allows a good organization and a refined decoration are necessary. Browse our guide dedicated to bedroom design projects.

Master bedroom with touches of green and decoration frames

Crafting Tranquil Retreats: Master Bedroom Design, Ideas, and 3D Planning

Explore innovative ideas to elevate the master bedroom, and learn how 3D home design planners can turn your vision into reality with precision and ingenuity.

How to Get the Best Bedroom Design?

Learn the basics of bedroom design on a 3D planner. To make sure you get the most trendy and relaxing bedroom.

How to Redesign your Bedroom?

All bedrooms should me made to reboot. With these design features, create a relaxing bedroom, a haven of peace, and all this for almost nothing.

How to draw your bedroom plans?

Create 2D and 3D bedroom layouts with an easy interface that lets you put life-like, ready-to-use floor plans together with minimal time and effort.

How to Layout a Bedroom?

Bedrooms are among the trickiest rooms to design. If you’ve been neglecting yours, discover how to layout a bedroom so you can show it off with confidence.

2 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans: Examples

With online digital floor planners, you can switch up your layout and try different furnishings in a 3D format to create a space that feels like home.

Learn How to Create Your Design Project with a Bedroom Planner

Easy-to-use bedroom planners let you create stunning, high-quality designs in minutes. Find out how to draw a professional floor plan with impressive 3D products and visuals.

Designing the Ultimate Gaming Room: From Ideas to Reality with 3D Home Design

Discover how to seamlessly turn gaming room ideas into reality with the aid of free 3D home design platforms.

How to Master a Bedroom Remodel?

The bedroom should feel like a calm, inviting sanctuary. If yours feel like any but, see how you can elevate it into a cozy, luxurious space using innovative 3D floor planners.


Modern or vintage, shower or bath, the bathroom remains a difficult room to imagine. Between the plumbing constraints, the light requirements and the storage needs, it’s a bold gamble. Master a 3D interior design solution to test the best layout and décor ideas for a bathroom.

Bathroom with green tiles and a large bathtub

Exquisite Bathroom Design: Inspiring Restroom Ideas and 3D Planning Tools

Find out how to choose a show-stopping vanity, infuse space-saving hacks, and articulate your vision and ideas with 3D planning tools.

Master Bathroom Design: How to Create a Modern Retreat with 3D Planning

Find out how to create a luxurious master bathroom by incorporating modern design elements and leveraging the capabilities of 3D home design planners.

How to draw a 3D Bathroom?

For a refreshing touch or a total renovation, you can easily create the plans of your future bathroom with a powerful 3D solution. We lay you down the basics for drawing a 3D bathroom.

How to remodel a small bathroom?

For a complete bathroom renovation, it’s best to have a plan ahead. From décor ideas to the best layouts, we explain why a 3D tool is essential for a successful project.

How to plan your bathroom remodel?

Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting, yet daunting project. Get some examples of bathroom remodel to update your bathroom with ease!

How to design a bathroom remodel?

A few ideas on how to give your bathroom a makeover without embarking on big, expensive projects.

Find Out How Much it Costs to Remodel a Bathroom with a 3D Floor Planner

Worried about how much it will cost to remodel your bathroom? With 3D floor planners, you can plan your project in 3D and view products and prices directly as you design your space to manage your budget.

How to Use a Bathroom Planner to Make the Most of it?

Is there a bathroom remodel in the near future? Check out our simple step-by-step guide below on how to use a free, online bathroom planner. Use it to build, see, and decide on each feature with total clarity and confidence.


Working habits have changed a lot in recent years and it is now common to work from home. It has become a necessity to have a dedicated work space in your home, from an aesthetic, practical and even moral standpoint. In this section, we explain how to design your home office projects in the best possible way.

Stunning white home office

How to design or redesign your Home Office?

Need to work at home frequently? Get some tips to quickly make an ideal work area at your home and try it out in 3D before getting things real.

How to create your own home office design?

A quick look at the basics of home office design to see things clearer before starting an interior design project.

How to design the best office layout to revamp it?

Whether it’s for your home or for an office area, these office layout ideas will inspire you to create a place where productivity flourishes.

Why do you need an office floor plan?

Learn how to draw the plans of your future office space, to better understand the opportunities given for each room.

How to turn your home office ideas into reality

From a corner of the living room or a dedicated room, we give you some home office ideas that will make you love remote working.

What are the perks of using office design software?

Understand why the 3D design of your home workspace is necessary to best integrate it into your home.

How to Arrange a Home Office?

Creating a functional home office doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We show you how easy it can be using some clever tips and the HomeByMe floor planner.

Maximizing Small Spaces: Home Office Ideas and Design with 3D Precision

Discover innovative home office ideas for small spaces and the transformative power of 3D home planners to maximize the workspace and productivity.

How to Elevate Home Office Decor with Expert Insights and 3D Design

Looking for home office decor ideas that can elevate your workspace? Find practical and stylish tips, and how to tie them all together with 3D design tools.


Decorating a hallway sets the tone for a home, offering a welcoming first impression to guests. Thoughtful decor can also enhance the flow and functionality of the space, making it more than just a transitional area but a part of the overall living experience.