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360 New Ways to Enjoy the 360 Photo Booth Rental in Chicago

Ok, so we got a little cheeky with the title of this post.

And it’s not because you don’t get that many views with a 360 degree photo booth (you do!), it’s because we’re over-the-moon excited to offer it!

As usual, once we see something high-end, and totally tech-geeky, we freak out and get shiny squirrel syndrome. 

Next thing you know, we’ve got a brand new 360 Slow Motion photo booth . And this time, it’s blowing even our minds!

What is a 360 Degree Photo Booth?

If you’ve been to the movies lately, you’ve seen what a 360 Degree Photo Booth can do! 

Its usually showcased during an intense moment…everything stops, and a clear 360-degree, slow motion, view of the scene blows your eyeballs away. 

In a few words: 

A 360-degree photo booth (rental in Chicago) takes a video that is so visually stimulating and life-like that it allows you to return to the scene over and over again. 

And you really do feel like you’re right there, smack dab in the middle of everything. 

How Does a 360 Photo Booth Work?

The new photo booth sports a high-definition mounted camera that circles and films its subjects and then puts them into slo-mo shareworthy videos. 

Yeah, we know…bring on the killer gifs!

The results are shared directly to the guests’ emails so there’s zero wait time for their 360 videos. 

When To Rent a 360 Photo Booth For Your Chicago Event?

Does anyone really need a reason to rent and play with this cutting edge technology? Yeah, we didn’t think so, but in case you need an excuse, here’s some events you can use to justify your playtime:

Sporting Events and Team Photos

There isn’t anything much more exciting than a shot of a sporting moment…in action. Well, maybe one in slow-mo. 

Nix the yearbook photos and instead opt for this unforgettable memory maker for your team…or do both, we’re ok with that too. 

Milestone Moments

Weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s, and Graduations are fantastic opportunities to get a 360-degree visual of a special day. 

Return to the moment, and never miss a detail when you can literally walk around the event anytime you want. 


Imagine capturing Christmas with family and friends in this 360 view. How amazing would it be to relive those cozy holiday moments with loved ones time and time again?

Brand Marketing Activation

Businesses with new products are swooning over 360 photo booths. Consumers can try out anything from new footwear, fashion, and technology and turn around to share epic 360 moments with their followers.

To be honest, we could go on and on about when and where to use the 360 photo booth because it’s such a new and exciting experience. The options are truly limitless.  

The 360 Photo Booth is one of the hottest commodities out there, and they book extremely fast. So if you have an event, or just want to rent the booth for you and your friends, you’ve got to get in touch with us as soon as you set your date.

We’ll answer all your questions, and explain how this amazing new technology works. But beware, we’ll probably talk your ear off because we are extremely excited about our new 360 photo booth rental in Chicago!