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How to search for a product by brand?


How to search for a product by brand?

Are you in your project on HomeByMe and looking for a specific brand?
There are 2 ways to find a brand on HomeByMe, discover them in this video!

The 3D planner furniture catalog

HomeByMe lets you create beautiful home projects with real brands, thanks to its varied catalog of over 300 brands of furniture and home accessories. Find out how to find brand products easily.

When you want to search for a specific product by brand on HomeByMe, you have two simple ways:

The search bar :
In the “products” tab, click on “furnish” or “build” to access the catalog.
In the search bar, enter the name of the brand you’re looking for. You’ll then see a list of products from the specified brand, which you can then explore and select for your project.

Brand Corner :
Another way to search for a product by brand is to access the Brand Corner on HomeByMe.
In the “Products” tab, click on “Brand Corner“,
search for the specific brand in the list of available brands.Once you’ve found the brand you’re looking for, click on it to display all the products of that brand available in the catalog. Browse through the products and choose the one you need to add to your project.

A large catalog of real furniture brands

Searching for a product by brand allows you to find specific items from a particular brand that you like or want to include in your project. Whether you’re looking for furniture, accessories or decorative elements, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the catalog of over 300 brands available on our free home design software online. 

Can’t find a piece of furniture in the brand catalog that matches your inspiration? Find out how to add generic furniture on HomeByMe.


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